Choosing the right monologue for an audition is really important as it is showcasing who you are as an actor, your range and also your adaptability.  You want to make sure it is highlighting your abilities in a way that is relevant to the part as well as showing your talents.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you pick a monologue:

Know the requirements : Understand what the audition panel is looking for. Are they asking for a specific genre, character type, or time limit? Make sure your monologue meets these requirements.

Research the production : If the audition is for a specific play, movie, or show, familiarise yourself with the tone, style, and themes of the production. This can help you select a monologue that aligns well with the overall vibe.  Make sure to watch any of the productions too, so you can really get into the full character.

Consider your type : Think about your age, gender, ethnicity, and physical appearance. Choose a monologue that reflects your type or that of the character you’re auditioning for.  Don’t make it hard for yourself!

Showcase your range : Select a monologue that allows you to demonstrate your acting range. It should showcase your ability to portray various emotions and character dynamics.  BUT do not over stretch – While you only have a small time to make an impact, you do not want to overdo it and make your performance confused.

Connect with the character : Choose a monologue from a character you can connect with on a personal or emotional level. This connection will help you deliver a more authentic performance.  Maybe you really relate to the situation they have been in, or you have a friend that they remind you of.  This really helps with authenticity. 

Avoid overused monologues : You know when you are watching X Factor and the person starts singing Alicia Keys … again … You switch off.  Therefore, it is a good idea to steer clear of monologues that are overly popular or frequently used in auditions. Opt for something unique that will make you stand out.

Practice, practice, practice : Once you’ve chosen a monologue, rehearse it extensively. Memorise the lines, work on your delivery, and practice embodying the character’s emotions and intentions. 

Seek feedback : Get feedback from friends, family, or acting coaches. They can offer valuable insights and help you refine your performance.  Or you could try filming yourself and watching it back, giving yourself CONSTRUCTIVE criticism.

Be adaptable : While you want to be prepared, and the idea of having to abandon the piece you have been working on might fill you with despair, it is important to be prepared to switch to a different monologue if requested by the audition panel. Have a couple of backup options ready just in case.

Stay confident : Lastly, approach your audition with confidence and enthusiasm. Believe in your abilities and trust that you’ve chosen a monologue that showcases your talent effectively. You have GOT this!

Remember, the goal of the audition is not just to impress the panel but also to enjoy the experience of performing. So, choose a monologue that you feel passionate about and that allows you to shine as an actor. We have just updated our monologue library and it is PACKED with fantastic new scripts from films and shows such as Love Actually, League of their Own, Point Break and even The Little Mermaid.  There is something for all ages and abilities so check it out!

And of course …Break a leg!