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* After 2 years of attending LIVE classes with iampro you can apply for a Spotlight membership


What is iampro?

iampro is a home for actors and film creators to up-skill, collaborate and connect to opportunity.

Our live and on-demand content makes it possible to access world class training, from anywhere and anytime. Our coaches are the best in the business either teaching at the best drama schools in the world or being successful, renowned performers. You can also create a profile and share your credits, apply for briefs and connect to members across the world. 

What's included in an iampro membership?

You can join iampro for FREE and be a part of our casting data base and access exclusive content and resources. 

On a paid plan, you get access to a constantly growing library of on-demand courses, weekly live classes, celebrity masterclasses, pop-up workshops, monthly mentoring with Charlie Brooks and self-tape challenges which get you exposed to top agents, casting directors and directors. Our affiliated agency iAP Talent Group will be checking out your work and providing exclusive industry opportunities. You can store your credits and share connections to members, apply for briefs and collaborate through our groups and forums. 

How can I access iampro?

iampro’s website can be accessed on your computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Can I interact with other members?

YES! Every member has a profile which allows them to follow and connect to members and coaches. We have groups and forums you can also join and the monthly mentoring sessions with Charlie Brooks are a great community session to meet members in a LIVE environment.

Do I need to be at a certain level already to access the classes?

iampro has a range of sessions which will enable a beginner and experienced performer to perfect their skills from some of the best coaches in the world! We have a beginner, intermediate, advanced and pro training routes available.

Is it easy to cancel my membership?

We understand that sometimes your circumstances might change and you may have to cancel your membership. If this is the case email us at [email protected] and we will sort this for you.