Lamda Grade 2

Block 2: LAMDA Grade 2

The LAMDA acting syllabus allows students to work on a range of performance skills including voice production, breathing techniques, diction and articulation, eye-contact and character development.

Your Grade 2 class will be on a Tuesday at 5pm. You are paying to enrol in a term of LAMDA classes, which runs for 10 weeks.


To book a block of LAMDA sessions you need to have a Basic Plus or Pro membership

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Block 2

Students will play characters presenting scenes to an audience. They will explore the text, character and use their imagination to create a sense of reality for an audience.

They will develop their voice, diction, movement skills, empathy and self-awareness. The knowledge section of these exams enables students to learn how to develop characters for performance. Each grade will improve public speaking skills and increase confidence. LAMDA’s exams enable students to develop a powerful presence to captivate and build rapport with any audience or anyone now and in their future lives.


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