Jamie Annet

Jamie Annett Workshop

In this session, members unpicked acting processes and expanded how they think about doing scenes. Victor also busted some industry myths and then took questions from the iampro community.


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Class Length: 1 hour 14 minutes

Category: Workshop Catch-Up

Level: All Levels

Jamie is a director who’s credits include London’s Burning, The Bill, Waterloo Road, Casualty, The Dumping Ground and Hollyoaks.

In this workshop, Jamie will explore the actor/director relationship. How to communicate your thoughts on character and text and how to work alongside a director and get the best performance and working relationship. He will look at ways to bring a script and character to life, having the confidence to share ideas and thoughts, trouble shoot differences of opinion and ultimately, how he gets the best out of his actors.

Covered in the session;

An exploration of the relationship between actor and director on a film set

A look at the different roles as an actor on a film set

A discussion on whether ad-libbing is acceptable

Q&A session with the iampro community

Hosted by Charlie Brooks