Train with iampro for a Spotlight membership

Spotlight is a professional casting platform that connects aspiring actors and performers to some of the best roles in film, television and theatre. Global casting directors use Spotlight to find the perfect fit for their next leading role. Now you can apply for a Spotlight membership by training with iampro for two years part-time. 

What is Spotlight?

Spotlight wants you to land your dream acting or performance role. Originally a physical directory that those in the casting industry could browse through to cast the best performer for the role, Spotlight is now online and features performers from across the globe. 

A Spotlight membership provides performers with an online profile that is visible to casting directors and ultimately helps connect you to the right people in the industry. Your profile is fully customisable, so that your best skills and unique characteristics can be shown off. 

As a member you will also be entitled to discounts on services and products for actors and performers, have opportunities to attend events put on by industry experts, regular access to advice and support, and a list of contacts that can help you reach your career goals. 

The cost of a membership starts at £162 per year, with discounts available for deaf or disabled performers. Spotlight is a platform that works hard to support the performing arts industry, operating closely alongside professional associations and organisations that help aspiring actors and actresses.

How do I join Spotlight?

To apply for a Spotlight membership, conditions must first be met. As a performer, you must either have professional experience or professional training. Of course, having both is great! Alternatively, a member of the following organisations can also recommend you to Spotlight: PMA, CDG, CSA, CDA, CPMA, AYPA or the ATA. 

In terms of professional experience, you must either have at least one featured role with an Equity or equivalent union contract or two credits of feature work (one credit counts as one contracted performance job). Unfortunately, Spotlight does not accept extra work, stunt work, or unpaid work as credits. 

Spotlight accepts full time professional training of RQF Level 5 or above. They also recognise part-time vocational training that was undertaken for at least two years. Training needs to be in acting, dance, voice, or musical theatre. The good news is that iampro is now a recognised training provider and two or more years part-time with us means you can apply for a Spotlight membership. Simply become a member, browse our diverse range of courses, and choose the ones that would suit you best. 

Spotlight membership with iampro

Two years of part-time training with iampro is all that you need to be able to apply for a Spotlight membership. This part-time training can be done alongside work commitments or other courses you may be undertaking. Our online on-demand courses are a perfect fit for those with busy schedules. You will need to attend at least 3 live blocks a year, which will have showcase elements and industry engagement. When you apply for Spotlight you will need us to complete a form for you which is then sent to Spotlight to confirm your training with us.

Whether you are an aspiring actor, dancer, or director, learning from the best in the business is crucial to understanding the industry better. Joining iampro will not only benefit your career through its links to Spotlight, but it will help you reach your personal performance goals. 

What courses do iampro offer?

Our on-demand courses cover a range of performing arts, including acting, dancing, and production. From Screen Acting, to Beatboxing, and Commercial dance, you can choose what you want to become an expert in. 

We offer masterclasses from those who know the most about the world of acting and performing and have vast industry experience. Previous masterclasses have been run by Danny Dyer, Amy-Leigh Hickman, and Angela Griffin. 

As an iampro member you can also attend live classes and events, as well as 1-to-1 mentoring sessions. This ensures that you regularly get the opportunity to connect with other people that can help you succeed in the industry. Our events are usually held by performing arts professionals and experts who have bucket loads of experience.

Finally, monthly mentoring with Charlie Brooks provides the ultimate Q&A session, where you ask all of your burning questions about the industry and how best to stand out as a performer. 

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To find out more about what iampro can offer you, as well as help you get your Spotlight membership, simply sign up