WHAT IS iampro?

iampro trains talent digitally and gets them discovered, collaborating and networking, pursuing a personalised end-to-end learning and job pathway, which prepares people for the future creative industry. Our mission is to democratise the historically archaic systems, which have driven multi-layers of  inequality.

Our memberships include on-demand and live classes, masterclasses and workshops, self-tape and production challenges plus monthly mentoring. We also have our prestige GET SEEN showcase event twice a year and members can access our exclusive cast and crew jobs board.



Join classes with those that inspire you. We regularly get successful, renowned performers to host masterclasses and have industry experts hold pop-up workshops for our members. 


We have a range of weekly live classes to enable you to practice your craft in an interactive environment with other members of the iampro community.


On the first Sunday of the month, Charlie and special guests will be mentoring our iampro members. You can run scripts, go over self-tapes, ask questions about the industry and work on building your confidence in these sessions.


These sessions are a chance for you to perform in-front of a panel of the biggest agents, directors and casting directors in the UK. You can make connections that will help you make it in the industry and get constructive feedback to keep growing as a performer – don’t miss out on this big opportunity!


iampro JNR

The ultimate acting training for 8-12 year olds. These online classes encourage creativity, build confidence and prepare aspiring performers for further training and work in the industry. All whilst having lots of fun!


Sign up with your preferred plan and enjoy a 7 day free trial. Cancel anytime.


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Now more than ever we need to ensure all young people- whatever their financial means- have access to a rich and engaging cultural education. iampro does exactly that. Led by industry professionals, iampro offers young people a first-class experience that helps them develop key skills, builds confidence and stands them in good stead for pursuing further training.
iampro is an online drama school which gives an insight into the performance and production industries. There are weekly classes, live Q&A’s and masterclasses, and it is a big opportunity to study from home, when you can’t necessarily get out to a physical class to train. It is accessible to all, from where ever you are and you can delve into your future in the industry. I fully support it and think the team at iampro are doing a terrific job.
I have been asking myself how will industry training change in these challenging times? How can we evolve and find new dynamic ways to hone our craft? iampro has provided me with the answers! I’m blown away by the, diverse, inclusive ethos behind every initiative. What an amazingly accessible platform for the next generation of industry professionals.
iampro is my type of online drama school as it’s focus is accessibility to ALL. This is something I’m very passionate about. For me opportunities should be available to everyone no matter where you are from. iampro gives students access to the best people in the industry, while still keeping it affordable.
I love that with iampro you can access high quality, affordable training from wherever you are in the world. Their range of courses, masterclasses and workshops prepare actors for both television and stage, and allow members to build important connections with industry experts, such as agents and casting directors who can help them make it in the industry.
iampro is such a valuable resource. It takes high level training and makes it accessible to people who may not otherwise have that opportunity. The lessons are interesting , easy to follow and show a clear progression for the learner. It is equally useful for people new to the work or to brush up on skills.


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