Why choose our online acting courses?

We offer a range of online acting courses to suit different abilities. At iampro we understand that everyone’s acting goals are different and our variety of acting classes reflect this. We have both practical acting classes (such as those that specialise in screen acting or comedy acting) as well as more informational classes that can provide you with tips on how to get into acting. Check out our on-demand online drama class all about applying for drama school!

All of our online drama classes are run by experts who were in your shoes once upon a time. This means that we know what makes a great drama class and what doesn’t. Our online acting classes are interactive and diverse, ensuring that there is something for everyone to enjoy. 

Our memberships are tailored by you, so you can choose the courses that appeal to you the most without having to attend them all. With an iampro membership, all of our on-demand online acting courses are free and you also get access to a weekly live class. This includes workshops and masterclasses, hosted by Charlie Brooks and other industry professionals, that come out every month and allow you an even greater insight into the acting and performance world. Some of our recent masterclass guests include Ackley Bridge actress Amy Leigh-Hickman and Mad Dogs actor Max Beesley

Our acting courses are perfect for anyone looking to hone their drama skills and learn more about the industry. With a wide range of content covered at iampro, you may find yourself trying out something new on a regular basis. This gives you the freedom to experiment in your performance and learn different techniques. Our classes can be watched at any time by anyone, making them especially convenient. As with any skill, the more you practice the better you get, and the nature of online learning puts you in total control of this, leading to increased focus and commitment.