The Benefits of Improv Classes

Improv is a skill actors have been using for centuries. From a short warm-up exercise to hours of improvised acting, improv theatre has some amazing outcomes. This blog will cover some of the major benefits of taking improv classes. 

Communication Skills 

The very nature of improv is to listen to your peers and bounce off them. In this fast-paced day and age not many people can say they are always truly listening without being distracted. With improv, you learn to give all your attention to hearing what is being said so you can react appropriately. You also focus on body language and facial expressions, getting a full understanding of what someone is trying to say. 

One of the key rules of improv is to not interrupt. Waiting for someone to completely finish what they are saying, then reacting, is a beneficial skill to have. These communication skills are not only great for improv theatre but for social skills in everyday life as well. 

Teamwork in Improv Classes

Improv classes help you become more of a team player. In improv theatre nothing is a bad idea, you have to go along with what anyone says. All of the actors are supporting each other to create a great piece of acting. If there is just one person not being a team player and trying to take the limelight themselves, the end result is affected. 

Teamwork translates into people skills, there are several situations in real life where these will benefit you. If you can be a great team player you will excel in a lot of environments! 

Increase in Confidence

It is known that acting is a great way to gain confidence, however, improv in particular is recommended. Improv classes rely on a supportive environment where no one is allowed to judge. It is a fun, playful exercise where you can let loose and not take anything too seriously. Being able to say whatever you want and not be judged for it allows you to be creative with your acting confidently. Many people go into improv classes feeling anxious or embarrassed, however, come out with a completely different outlook. 

Knowing that you can react in any situation, no matter how unexpected is a great confidence boost for real life. Improv is all around us, in job interviews, social situations or small interactions. Taking improv classes gives you the assurance that you can handle any situation. 

Stress Relief 

With all the different pressures that we face in our lives, finding a great stress reliever can be life-changing. Improv classes are a stress reliever for several reasons. 

Firstly, being mindful is a widely recommended tip for stress relief, it is all about being in the moment. The main factor in improv theatre is being present. You need to have great attention to detail, listening for any details you can take and run with. This translates well into being present in everyday life, focusing on what is happening now, instead of other stresses. 

Improv classes also help you let go of inhibitions and be spontaneous. There is no pre-planning, you have to let go of any need for control. A study showed that during improv, a part of your brain that is linked to planned actions and self-censoring is slowed down. Leading to lowered inhibitions. 

Improv classes teach you that not everything goes to plan and that is okay. These traits all come together to help you overcome feelings of stress when they arise. 

Improv Classes Near Me 

So, improv has benefits that will help you in all aspects of life. If you have read this blog and decided you want to try improv, you can start taking some classes easily at We are always running live courses and drop-in classes that you can join from the comfort of your own home. 

If you are looking to join improv classes, have a look at iampro’s membership options or sign up today.