The Best Acting Classes for Beginners

Acting courses should be accessible to all, with beginner’s classes readily available for those who wish to explore the performing arts or pursue a career in the industry. In this blog, we explore what makes acting classes for beginners great and the benefits of attending. 

What to look for in a beginner’s acting class?

When it comes to choosing the type of beginner’s acting training to suit you and your needs, there is lot’s to consider. Firstly, decide how flexible you want the course or class to be. Nowadays, many people want online classes that can fit their busy schedules and reduce travelling times and costs. 

You also need to look into the type of acting and activities you may be undertaking in the class. Make sure that it covers the foundations or building blocks of acting so that you can understand the basics. This is vital for being able to progress in your acting career and become a well-rounded actor. 

Finally, you should make sure that the acting teachers or tutors who will be taking your classes are experienced. It is always best to learn from professionals who are active in the acting and theatre industry, or who have been in the past. Accomplished actors can also provide first-hand advice and share with you top performance tips and advice that can advance your skills. 

What should you expect from a beginner’s acting class?

You should go into your beginner’s acting class with enthusiasm and an open mind. Your teacher may ask if you have any prior experience or knowledge of acting and what your goals are for the course. There are no right answers to these questions. It is important to establish what you want to get out of the classes and inform whoever is running it. This not only ensures that you are getting your money’s worth, but are continually making progress. 

If you are attending an in-person beginners acting class, make sure that you are fully prepared. Remember to plan your journey and give yourself enough time to find the studio or theatre. In terms of clothing, remember that comfort is key. Wear clothes that you are happy to move about in. Think gym or active wear! A water bottle and snacks or a packed lunch (if the class is longer than a few hours) is also important not to forget. 

Why should people get into acting?

Acting is a great thing to get into. Whether you aspire to appear on stage or on the screen and start a career in the industry or are just wanting a new hobby, there are plenty of great reasons to take up a beginner’s class. 

Acting can make you more confident. By pushing yourself out of your comfort zone on a regular basis, you build up natural confidence when it comes to speaking in front of other people and social anxieties may be combated. 

As well as lots of active acting classes improving physical fitness, having a hobby can help to improve your brain function. Acting in particular is great at boosting memory due to the constant learning and memorising of lines. Joining an acting class can also give your social life a boost as the sessions are usually highly interactive. 

What are the benefits of joining a beginner’s class?

As well as the benefits to our mental and physical fitness mentioned above, a beginner’s acting class can put you in a great position for starting a career in the industry. It can help you develop a plethora of skills, start building up a portfolio and make valuable connections with others. 

Many acting schools have great perks to joining. For example, at iampro, we are now partners with the professional casting platform Spotlight. Train with us for two years part-time and you will be eligible for a Spotlight membership, where you will be able to create an online profile that is visible to casting directors and ultimately help connect you to the right people in the industry. This ups your chances of landing that dream role!

iampro is also fully online and so you can build your own schedule and learn at your own pace, with a unique blend of on-demand courses, live courses and exclusive events such as monthly mentoring with Charlie Brooks and amazing masterclasses with well-known stars such as Nicholas Pinnock, Denise Gough and Game of Thrones star, John Bradley West!

What beginner’s acting courses are available?

Online beginner’s acting classes

At iampro, we offer beginner’s online acting classes that cover a range of different topics and techniques. All of our memberships come with access to live events and monthly masterclasses from industry professionals, as well as on-demand courses.  

With iampro’s acting classes, you can learn all about developing a character and be guided through the complete actor’s toolkit. Our courses do not assume prior experience and are perfect for beginners and intermediate actors. 

Junior acting classes

Many people start acting when they are children. At iampro, we have tailored our junior classes so that they are a perfect fit for young people wanting to learn about how to express themselves through theatre, dance and all types of performance. 

Our junior membership starts at just £20 a month with full access to junior courses and live events. We understand how important it is for young people to hone their communication skills and get creative so we have designed our classes in a way that encourages full participation and encourages them to use their imagination 

If you wish to find out more about how we support beginners getting into acting, get in touch.