affiliate Terms & Conditions

Affiliate Approval
1. Affiliates will have to request to become an iampro affiliate partner and will need to provide information about themselves and/ or their brand/ business so iampro can assess their suitability as an affiliate partner

2. iampro will be the sole decision maker in regards to the approval or disapproval of the proposed affiliate partner and there is no right of appeal

3. If approved as an affiliate partner, the affiliate will need to agree to these terms and conditions and abide by them at all times

4. iampro reserves the right to suspend or cancel the affiliate partner’s membership of the iampro affiliate programme at any time

Referrals & Commissions
1. A member will only be considered to be a referral from the affiliate if they have created a new membership via the unique link provided by the affiliate

2. If the member has previously been a member at iampro, or is a current member, then they will not be considered as an affiliate referral and no commissions will be received for that member’s subscription

3. All commissions earned are based revenues received by a referred member in the
calendar month

4. Commission bands:
a. 1-10 referred members 10% of member monthly revenue
b. 11-20 referred members 15% of member monthly revenue
c. 21+ referred members 20% of member monthly revenue

5. Commissions will only be paid on actual revenues received e.g. if a member creates a membership but payment isn’t taken in that calendar month (free trial/ delayed payment etc.) then no commissions will be paid

6. Commissions are only paid during the period that the referred member is making payments for their subscription, if a user cancels their subscription, pauses it or is no longer making a payment for any other reason, no commissions will be paid

7. Commissions will be paid monthly in arrears for commissions earned the prior

Promotional Rules & Guidelines
1. As an iampro affiliate partner, you are an ambassador for iampro, so please be mindful of this and act with integrity when posting your promotions

2. Use only the promotional and brand materials that have been provided by iampro

3. All promotional offers, discounts and coupon codes must all be approved by iampro in advance

4. Promotions posted with inappropriate or overtly political content, or on sites or social media groups inappropriate or overtly political content are not permitted and will result in the immediate suspension of the affiliate partner account

5. Inappropriate content can include, but is not limited to, pornography, racism, homophobia, gender discrimination and disability discrimination

6. iampro reserves the right to determine what it feels is appropriate or inappropriate content and to take immediate action without recourse

7. Any activity which iampro deems as spamming will result in suspension of the affiliate partner’s account

8. If iampro sees activity which it believes to be an attempt to gain an unfair advantage or generate non-genuine memberships or subscriptions will result in the suspension of the affiliate partner’s account

9. The affiliate partner must not purport to represent iampro directly, for example, creating social media accounts, pages or groups, purporting to represent iampro

10. The affiliate partner must not run promotional and/ or media campaigns that are in competition with iampro’s own promotional and media campaigns e.g. running Meta campaigns to the same Meta audience offering a 20% discount when iampro is offering 10%