Grace Andrews - Introduction to Acting

Explore what ‘good acting’ might be and how actors can achieve it, whilst developing truthfulness and connection to text.

Ryan Bennett - Preparing the Scene

A comprehensive guide to preparing material to cast or rehearse, giving you the keys to be able to apply techniques independently.

Emily Golding-Elis - Advanced Hip Hop Dance

Learn advanced steps and apply these moves to situations you’ll face in a dance career such as a battle or audition. 

Alix Dunmore - Welsh and Southern English Accents

Learn a southern and northern Welsh accent and a range of Southern English accents.


Emily Golding-Elis Intermediate Hip Hop Dance

Increasing the retention rate of foundational steps, you’ll develop a personal identity within your own style of hip hop and learn new choreography.

Develop a range of northern accents such as Geordie, Yorkshire and Scouse.

Matthew Churcher - Michael Chekhov

Learn how you can be aware of subtle changes in either our psychology or physicality and the impact that has on the rest of our being.

Olivia Doust - Breaking Down a Song

Learn how to break down a song and the processes to go through to make your performance show ready.