Ryan Bennett - Preparing the Scene

A comprehensive guide to preparing material to cast or rehearse, giving you the keys to be able to apply techniques independently.

Emily Golding-Elis - Advanced Hip Hop Dance

Learn advanced steps and apply these moves to situations you’ll face in a dance career such as a battle or audition. 

Alix Dunmore - Welsh and Southern English Accents

Learn a southern and northern Welsh accent and a range of Southern English accents.


Grace Andrews - Introduction to Acting

Explore what ‘good’ acting might be and how actors can achieve it, whilst developing truthfulness and connection to text.

Increasing the retention rate of foundational steps, you’ll develop a personal identity within your own style of hip hop and learn new choreography.

Alix Dunmore - Northern Accents

Develop a range of Northern English accents such as Geordie, Yorkshire and Scouse.

Matthew Churcher - Michael Chekhov

Learn how to break down a song and the processes to go through to make your performance show ready.