Why choose our online voice acting courses?

At iampro, our voice acting courses are run by industry professionals with years of voice work experience. All of our coaches know how to help actors and singers discover the best way to use their voice. Having the ability to alter your voice for different roles is just one aspect of voice acting. It’s also about building confidence.

One of our amazing voice and performance coaches is Adam Wallis. Adam has taught at the BRIT school and performed with the likes of Russell Watson and Skepta. With our coaches coming from a variety of different performance backgrounds, our voice acting courses are incredibly diverse in what they teach.

We have a wide range of voice acting courses available to suit your performance goals. If you want to try your hand at beatboxing or enhance your singing and accent skills, we have an on-demand class for this.

At iampro, we know how challenging it can be to get into voice acting, but our courses are a great starting point. They are highly accessible and can be watched at any time, from anywhere!