How To Get Into Voice Acting

Have you had people compliment you on your unique voice and impressively realistic celebrity and character impersonations? If so, voice acting could be the career for you. It can be competitive to get into voice acting, but in this blog we will share with you some of the best tips, including the best voice acting lessons to access online. 

What does a voice actor do?

A voice actor is someone who uses their voice to entertain others. This can be in the form of radio shows, advertisements, audio books, and more. Some voice actors utilise their own personal, unique voice to make for distinct adverts or voiceovers. Others put on different voices to act out multiple characters, and even do mimicry and impressions.

Although they are not seen on screen, voice actors are still acting. In the same way as a theatre performer or dancer may do, they must practise honing their skill (in this case, their voice) regularly to ensure they keep improving. 

Whether they are dubbing, narrating an audiobook or videogame, a voice actor must be able to deliver lines in the way a director chooses and project requires. This can sometimes be challenging and voice actors soon adapt to having a wide vocal range and the ability to quickly change tone of voice.

What makes a good voice actor?

A good voice actor is flexible and confident in their range and ability to express themselves fully through voice and no other means. The work is often varied and no two days are the same. Although this may be challenging, it is also beneficial to most people as it allows them to be their own boss. With voice work, there also comes the opportunity to work from home and manage your own hours. 

Being committed and taking the somewhat unsteady and unpredictable nature of the job in your stride will put you in a good position to pursue a successful career as a voice actor. Be prepared for some jobs to be really lucrative and for others to not be as much. But try not to be put off – just like any job in the performance world, it can take a while to break into the industry and establish a stable income. Of course, the very best voice actors take great care of their voices. Avoid any activities that may cause vocal strain to ensure it remains in healthy, working condition. 

How to break into voice acting? 

The voice acting world is full of competition. It is therefore vital to gain as much insight into the industry as possible, whether that is through making connections with others, or recording your own demos and uploading them on social media platforms or audition sites for feedback. Do not be put off by starting small, as it can only lead to growth.  

Knowledge of the industry is really beneficial for any aspiring voice actor to have. Take the time to research best practices when it comes to voice work, whether this is through reading through the advice and top tips of voice actors online, or through listening to voice actors speak or deliver lines. Thoroughly familiarising yourself with the industry, even down to the equipment used, will show potential agencies that you are serious about a career in voice work. 

Networking is vital for success in the world of voice acting. Be sure to make connections with those you meet at training events, courses, or other opportunities, whether this is online or in-person. Share and celebrate others’ success and they will, hopefully, do the same for you!

What training do you need to become a voice actor?

Practice makes perfect with any acting role. Look for courses that provide you with the opportunity to develop your skills and knowledge of voice work. At iampro, there are a variety of online courses on voice that are really accessible. Whether you are just getting started, or are wanting to expand your range, these are perfect for those wishing to gain more voice work experience, as they offer tips and advice from industry professionals.

Once you have taken acting courses, listened to the industry professionals, networked, and practised recording your own work, it is time to audition. Auditions are a key part of the process to becoming an established voice actor as they provide you with real life industry experience. Auditions that do not go to plan should not be taken as a set-back, but as something to progress from. Take any feedback on board and work on how you can do better at the next one!

If you wish to get into voice acting and attend some courses that will help you break into the industry, sign up today.