What Makes A Good Drama Coach

A good drama coach should inspire, teach, and share industry knowledge with their students. The best acting teachers are keen to motivate others to get involved in the theatre and performance industry despite how competitive it may seem. 

A love for all things drama 

Firstly, and most importantly, a drama coach should have a love for all things drama and performance. This usually goes without saying! Drama can have such a profound impact on someone’s life and having a teacher who understands the importance of drama is a great benefit.

The best learning experiences certainly come from acting teachers who have a real love for drama. When a drama coach is passionate about their subject, it will show in the way they conduct their classes. Their enthusiasm will inspire students to get more involved or become more confident in lessons. 

Dynamic, interactive lessons 

The more interesting the lessons or class, the more you are more likely to engage, right? This is why it is important to scout out a drama coach that dedicates themselves to planning dynamic and interactive lessons. 

The best drama classes are fun and engaging. They should be spaces of no judgement where you feel comfortable being yourself and learn plenty. For many students, an acting class is the first real taste of the performance world and it is the teacher’s responsibility to showcase it in the most positive light, to keep them inspired and wanting to learn more! 

An experienced drama coach will put on a range of classes covering different subjects or acting techniques each time. This variation is important in helping you to become a more rounded actor or actress who is ready to take on even the most challenging of roles. At iampro, we offer a range of on-demand classes, as well as live masterclasses. Each on-demand class is run by industry experts and has a different focus. You can give screen-acting in one session and voice work in another. 


A good drama coach will make their classes stand out. You don’t want to attend a class that simply teaches you what you could have read online or learnt through watching a YouTube video. A creative class encourages students to also have original ideas. It creates a space where people can share their ideas (no matter how unique) and bounce off each other. 

The best drama coaches are non-stop creative thinkers. They can brainstorm concepts with originality and truly think outside the box. They will also reward their students for doing the same. Being innovative is important if you want to stand out and excel in the performance industry. It sets you apart from your competitors, helping you land that next role. 

The ability to inspire

There are plenty of benefits to attending acting classes, from stress relief to increased physical fitness. The best drama teachers will not only ensure that you are aware of these but they will work to ensure that you get the most out of your class. 

Don’t be afraid to speak to your drama coach about your goals. These may be career-based or more personal. For example, you may wish to increase your confidence levels by attending drama classes, or understand how to really nail that audition. 

Just like any other skill you are learning, practice makes perfect. Your drama teacher should encourage you to keep on working on your craft and motivate you to carry on when things may go wrong or not in the direction you intended them to. They should be able to inspire you to pursue a career in acting if that is what you want to do. Some teachers may even be able to provide insider tips!

Industry insights and knowledge

What sets one drama coach apart from another is industry insight and knowledge. Having this deeper understanding of the performance world is really beneficial to those wanting to learn about how to make it as an actor or actress. It makes for world-class teaching

The best drama coaches will also ensure constant professional improvement. This may involve upskilling, visiting the theatre, participating in workshops, being part of a teacher network, self-reflection, or acting in productions alongside teaching. Having a drama coach that is committed to improving themselves and working on their career will ultimately help you too. 

Embracing failure is also something that you only learn through experience, unfortunately! Having an acting teacher that understands this is really important. It can help you to develop a growth mindset and get back up and keep working towards your acting goals when you have had an industry setback. 

If you want to attend classes put on by experienced drama coaches who truly understand the industry, sign up for an iampro membership.